Santa Fe 33, also known as the Tamalpais, is a business car, built by the Pullman Manufacturing Company in 1923 for the Atchison-Topeka Santa Fe (A.T.S.F.) Railroad. It is a heavyweight, riveted all-steel car, with a Mission Revival interior of quarter sawn white oak, built-in cabinets, trim, and paneling.

This car, also known as Business Car (BC) 33, was originally used by A.T.S.F. executives in the Los Angeles Coastal Division Office of the A.T.S.F. to conduct railroad business along their routes, to investigate derailments, collisions, track washouts, and to conduct business with shipping clients and financiers. The Business Cars were non-revenue producing cars used strictly for railroad use. The A.T.S.F. railway during the late 1880ís to the early 1920ís was a reliable, expansive transportation network serving the produce and other industries and travelers in California. During this period, business cars were a virtual necessity for railroad Operating Department officials.

BC 33 is the oldest and only non-revenue, Pullman-built BC in existence approved for Amtrak passenger service with interior and exterior restoration integrity. Its Amtrak assign number is 800233.

By 1950, Business Car 33ís exterior and interior had changed very little from its 1923 appearance. On the exterior: the windows were replaced with thermo-panes to comply with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations. The roof clerestory windows for ventilation were removed and sealed in the mid 1940ís when mechanical air conditioning was installed. On the interior: bathrooms were upgraded, kitchen was modernized, and bedrooms were rearranged.

The car was sold by Sante Fe Railroad in 1969 to the Atlantic Richfield Corp. It then transferred ownership three times before being purchased by its current owner in 2007.

Amtrak conducted a Private Car (PC)-2a inspection of BC 33 in April, 2004. As a result, significant safety upgrades were necessary in order to meet Amtrak private car standards. While these upgrades to the carís exterior were conducted, a decision was made in 2007 to restore the car to its most significant period without compromising the carís integrity. Using the BC 33 1924 as-built document prepared by Pullman Manufacturing Dept. along with BC 33 plans, drawings, photographs, and specifications prepared by the Sante Fe Railroad, a museum-quality restoration was achieved.

The car was upgraded and renovated in 2008-2009 to include new, state-of-the-art systems. The car now contains a GPS system, amplified cellular telephone system, Direct TV, wireless internet access, a Bose sound system and a high-definition DVD player. In addition, the kitchen was upgraded to include restaurant-quality, top-of-the line appliances. The plumbing, heating/air conditioning and electrical systems were also upgraded to guarantee passenger comfort. A tankless hot-water system and upgraded stateroom lighting add to passenger relaxation. All the upgrades were made while preserving the visual integrity of the interior of the car.